Nursery & Toddlers

Safe and Healthy learning environment for all children

Our service has a dedicated room for children ages 0 to 2 years. With 4 cots and many age-appropriate resources, we believe that education should start from the youngest age possible. Our Nursery starts learning about emotions and develops their gross motor skills from their enrolment in our service.

Our Toddler room is for children aged 2 to 3 years. While in this room, children start to learn name recognition and other self-help and school-readiness skills such as tying shoelaces and changing clothes.


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Frequently asked questions

Children can enrol from the age of 6 weeks, or when they receive their first immunisations.

Yes! We know that waiting lists are very long in the area so we recommend submitting your enquiry as soon as possible as it can take around a year for spots to open up.

Absolutely! You can choose to send expressed milk with your child for sleeping time or you can breastfeed at the service in a private area.

You can come and drop off or pick your child up at any point during the day within your chosen session time. A full day can be difficult for babies, especially at the start of care, so if you just let us know when you plan to drop off or pick up your child, we’ll make sure they’re all ready to go when you arrive.